Legal terms

Access and use of our V33 site is subject to these Legal Notices and currents laws. By accessing and using the site, you confirm your acceptance of these Legal Notices, without any limitation or restriction and you undertake to comply therewith.

   V33's website makes entering your orders easier as you no longer have to enter orders
manually: you just save your pre-orders and places of delivery in your personal area.

   These general terms of use describe the terms according to which the company V33 SA,
a société anonyme (French public limited company) with a management board and a supervisory board, registered with the Registry of Trade & Companies in Lons-le-Saunier, under number 305 690 158, and whose registered head-office is located in La Muyre, Domblans (39210), proposes its website.

   They define your rights and obligations as User of the services proposed by V33 on its
Please read these terms carefully before using the services.
This website is hosted by OVH ( SAS (RCS Lille Métropole 424 761 419 00045) at  2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.

        "Account" means the User's personal account created on the Site according to the terms
    described in article 3.2 of the Terms of Use, particularly containing their personal information,
    pre-orders and delivery address(es).

        "Services": means all the services proposed by the Site as described in article 2 of
    the Terms of Use.

        "Site": means the V33 website accessible at the address
    and/or any other address with a different extension, on which the Services are proposed.

        "Terms of Use" means these terms and conditions of which the purpose is to define the
    terms of use of the Service.

        "Users": means any person who has accepted the Terms of Use by using the
    Service and/or by registering according to the terms specified in article 3 of the
    Terms of Use.

    The Service particularly allows you to: (i)	place a pre-order with V33;

3.	USE OF THE SERVICE 	3.1.	Acceptance of the Terms of Use

            The Terms of Use are effective from the date of their publication online and apply from the
        first use of the Site or Application by the User. The User accordingly accepts, from this first
        use, that they are unreservedly subject to the rights and obligations stipulated in these Terms
        of Use.

            A User who does not accept the Terms of Use must not use the Service.

            The Terms of Use are enforceable during the entire period of use of the Site and/or
        Application and until they are replaced with new general terms of use. The User can
        decide to stop using the Services at any time. In this event, the User is fully liable for their
        prior use of the Services and particularly any Content that they have published or
        transmitted via the Site and/or Application.
	3.2.	Terms of use of the Service.

            The use of an Account by the User is compulsory.
        However, the User must request the creation of an Account in order to have
        access to all the Site's functionalities.

        The Account is created:

            At the suggestion of the international sales department for V33 clients by accepting these
        Terms of Use.

            Use of the Account is strictly personal: the User is solely liable for the actions they
        perform using their Account.

            The User Account is accessed by entering the e-mail address and password that
        were set during the creation of the Account, which the User undertakes to keep

            The User's Account as well as its functionalities are accessible free of charge at any time
        on the Site provided that the User has an internet connection.

4.	USER'S OBLIGATIONS 4.1.	Use of the Service
            The User undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the provisions of the
        Terms of Use.

        The User particularly undertakes to:

                not interfere with the Site, using software or automated queries or have an activity likely to
            disrupt the functioning of the Site and/or Service;
            maintain the confidentiality of their user name and password by not disclosing them to
                not modify, add, and/or delete content provided by V33 on the Site;
                not reproduce, depict or disclose to the public in any way whatsoever, the content of the
            V33 Site, other than using the tools provided on the Site,
            not extract, reuse, store, reproduce, depict or preserve, directly or indirectly, on any medium
            whatsoever, by any means, and in any form whatsoever, all or part of the content of the Site
            constituting a database protected by law.

            The User undertakes in general not to breach the statutory and regulatory provisions
        applicable to the Service and particularly the provisions of the French Intellectual Property
            In general, V33 cannot be held liable for any unforeseeable and/or indirect damage suffered
        by the User, such as, without this list being exhaustive, forgone revenue, loss of chance, loss of
        earnings, clients, data, any financial loss or loss of business, any disruption to business or any
        non-material damage.

            V33 is not in a position to guarantee the User that the Site will exactly meet their
        expectations or that no errors shall appear in the course of use of the Site. V33 guarantees
        neither the reliability nor the accuracy of the information featured on the Site; nor the
        compatibility of the Site with the User's specific uses.

            Accordingly, each User is exclusively liable for using the information proposed to
        them on the Service and for carrying out any checks.
        In the event that action for liability is brought against V33 by a third party due to a
        failure by the User to comply with any of the provisions of the Terms of Use, V33 may
        introduce the User as a third party to the proceedings.

            V33 cannot be held liable in the event of transmission difficulties or, more generally, any
        disruption to the telecommunications network and to the internet. The User must possess
        the necessary skills and means (at the User's expense: internet access, etc.) to access the
        different services. In any event, the User solely supervises and is solely liable for access to
        the Site.

            V33 cannot be held liable in the event of loss or damage suffered by the User or any third
        party following failure (i) of access the Site, (ii) of the internet, (iii) of means of
        communication and (iv), more generally, of any factor not directly and/or exclusively
        attributable to V33 or of any force majeure event, as defined by the case law of the French
         V33 reserves the right, without prior notice, to temporarily suspend access to the Site or
        to all or part of the services provided by this means, for reasons beyond its control or
        technical reasons, particularly relating to the need to update, modify, and/or maintain the
        services, and, in general, for any other technical and organisational reason, without it being
        possible for action for liability to be brought against it as a result thereof.

            V33 reserves the right to make modifications and improvements and/or upgrades to
        its Site or to the terms and conditions for access to the Services particularly on a
        technical level.

            Furthermore, V33 reserves the right to definitively or temporarily suspend one or several
        services available on the Site in its entirety, without any compensation for the User and
        without it being possible for action for liability to be brought against it as a result thereof.
          The Site as well as all its constituent elements (such as logos, trademarks, drawings,
        models, images, audio and video clips, texts, photos, logos, graphical charter, software,
        databases, domain names, without this list being exhaustive) are the exclusive property of
        V33 or their use has been authorised in advance.

           These Terms of Use do not entail any transfer of any sort of intellectual property rights
        relating to elements belonging to V33 in favour of Users.

           Any total or partial depiction of the Site or of any of its constituent elements (such as V33
        trademarks or distinguishing marks used to designate V33 products), by any process
        whatsoever, without express, prior, written authorisation from V33 is prohibited and would
        constitute infringement in accordance with the French Intellectual Property Code and would
        accordingly be penalised.

            However, V33 grants Users a right to access to its Site on a non-exclusive, personal,
        non-transferable basis and for use in accordance with the terms defined in these Terms
        of Use.

            The User undertakes not to infringe upon, directly or indirectly, V33's intellectual property
        rights and undertakes not to use in any manner whatsoever, the names, trademarks, logos,
        software, information, databases and all documents that are disclosed to it, in general, in
        the event of performance of these Terms of Use.


            The Site can collect personal data concerning the User in the course of the opening of
        an Account or of any use of the Service. The personal data shall then be processed by V33,
        which is responsible for such processing. It shall be used only to provide the services
        proposed on the Site.

            V33 is the sole recipient of the data collected.

            In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (Act of 6th January 1978 as modified
        by the Act of 6th August 2004), all Users have a right of information, opposition, access and
        rectification regarding the information concerning them. Any User who wants to exercise this
        right and receive a copy of the information concerning them must write to the V33 Personal
        Data department at: V33 SA, La Muyre, Domblans (39210).

            The department is registered with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) under number
        "2010998 v 0".
            The use of the User Account and the associated functionalities is valid on an open-ended
        basis, until termination by either party.
            The User can at any time cease to use the Account and request its deletion.

            Furthermore, V33 reserves the right to terminate the User's Account as of right, without
        prior notice, without judicial formality and without compensation, by e-mail or letter, in the
        event of failure by the User to comply with one of their obligations stipulated in these Terms
        of Use, without it being possible for action for liability to be brought against V33 as a result
            In the event of termination of the Account, the User can no longer access any pre-
        orders that they have placed.
10.1. Modifications of the Terms of Use

            V33 reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time subject to informing
        Users of this fact by any means available on the Site or Application. These modifications
        and upgrades are effective from the date of their publication online and are enforceable from
        the date of the first use of the Service by the User.

            In the event that the User continues to use the Service after notification of the change of
        the Terms of Use, they shall be considered to have read, understood and accepted the new
        Terms of Use and shall be subject thereto as of right.

10.2. Notification

            If a User wants to notify a modification of e-mail address, ask a question or register
        complaints relating to their User Account, report a technical issue or any information deemed
        useful with regard to the Site, they should send an e-mail to the following address
10.3. Nullity

            If any one of the provisions of the Terms of Use proves to be null in regard to a current
        legal rule or a judicial judgment no longer open to appeal, it would then be reputed nugatory,
        without nonetheless causing the nullity of the contract, or altering the validity of its other
10.4. Governing law
   The Terms of Use are governed by French law.